DFC_Capsule body

End of Cap
It is the main part bearing closing pressure during locking motion. Its thickness must bear closing force of the filling machine to prevent dent.

Hemispherical End
This section also needs to bear closing pressure during locking motion.

Body Thickness
Thickness must be within specifications for enabling to perform smoothly during filling process and to have a close fit between the walls of cap and body.

Smoothness of cutting edges can affect the capsule filling performance.

Tapered Rim
The tapered rim design on the body allows for telescope-free encapsulation, especially on the high speed capsule filling machines.

Locking Rings
They are designed to be close-fitting during Locked status and to prevent from separation or content leakage.

They are designed to gently engage with indented ring of the body during Pre-Locked status.

Air Vents
They are designed to release the compressed air inside capsule occurred during filling process.