Acid-Resistant Vegetable Capsules

US FDA DMF No. 030931

Protecting acid-sensitive ingredients from gastric acid can be a challenge nowadays for most of the Dietary Supplement Industry. BioVXR Acid Resistant capsules with HPMC base, provide an alternative solution. DFC has developed a new capsule that has the unique capability of acid-resistance in low pH media, but dissolves in a neutral pH environment. This important feature has proven an alternative for enteric coated capsules and has become an excellent choice for Probiotic and Enzyme formulation.

  • Well-suited for acid-sensitive ingredients, such as Probiotic and Enzyme dosages

BioVXR protects your ingredients from gastric acid and releases in intestinal tract.

  • Protect nutrients from gastric acid

Characteristics of acid resistant and delayed release in intestinal tract are great for acid-vulnerable ingredients.
Patents protected in the United States and Taiwan market.

  • HPMC-based capsule

With the general advantages of HPMC capsules.

  • No additional coating or banding process

Without using chemical solvents can reduce destruction of ingredients during production.
Shorten the new product development process and verification, new product can be launched to market in shorter period of time.